Ceremony Of Transformation

Originally broadcast on www.para-x.com at 8 PM EST July 18th, 2011

We originally released this for no cost.  Do to hosting and bandwidth costs and the like we have had to start charging for this.  Help our show out by purchasing it below!!


Get the Ceremony of Transformation with additional files and high quality mp3. 14.99 Click here for more details

Andrieh weaves  on air ritual of spiritual empowerment using Astral Constructs, power entities, ritual techniques and more. The ritual will transform and open people to their own sense of connection, power and what they believe is their own connection to magic. What is it worth to enter a own new reality or potential?   Helped and tested by Jason,  Andrieh Vitimus creates a online ceremony that is powerful and unique.

As a bonus the product includes secret files from the Quantum Life Science Institute on using this ritual in completely different and empowering ways.  All instructions are downloadable at the time of purchase including a high quality mp3 of the meditation.




5 comments on “Ceremony Of Transformation

  1. Kat =^..^= says:

    Loving the show, glad you brought it to Para-X. The ceremony was very timely for me, as I’ve been working on just such a transformation,dealing with the old, and preparing for the new.. Not sure if it’s your voice, or the chimes, or combination, but the sensation caused is very powerful. I’ve always called it the Warm Fuzzies, for lack of a better term. Thank you very much for sharing the ceremony.

    1. Thanks Kat, feel free to post the ritual all around and if you are so inclined to post on Itunes for us on our page there. We do appreciate it.

  2. Andreas says:

    I found several synchronicities after the ritual:

    is it just me or Al i Shan sigil is implied subliminally on this clip?
    Power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L53gjP-TtGE
    is very similar, i do not believe in coincidences.

    Writing “al i shan” in Google search, I get phrases like this:
    “I’m much obliged to you, Al. I shan’t forget it–no, no. I cal’late you can trot along home now”
    “Well you’d better get it right on Friday, Al – I shan’t be best pleased if you lock up your boxes on our guest night!”
    “So forgive me, Al. I shan’t stray again.”
    “You are a competitive beast, Al. I shan’t retort, just further the discussion.”

    I remembered something of a conversation that happened years ago. me and my friends were smoking and talking about philosophy, speaking of crazy theories. Felipe began to speak of “Orbitals”, something like “Egregores” and throughout the conversation he mentioned that everything was conected, he could not give a word for it, and told the first that came to mind, “Shan”…

    1. Andrieh Vitimus says:

      Thank you, we did warn everyone that it was not just a guided meditation, that there was an astral kick to it 🙂

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