Episode 59: Andrieh and Jason Discuss Created Entities

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Live Tue. May 29th, 2012 on Para-X-Radio.com

Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell discuss created entities in this episode.  This is a very popular occult topic with many points of view. Created Entities are a preferred method of some Magi while others are afraid of the topic due to bad experiences. The main point of contention is that even an artificial construct can easily develop a sentience of it’s own. We will discuss how to use them without getting burned.

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  1. Flamedryad says:

    OH Great Prophet….. (lol sorry couldn’t resist)

    When working with established entities (gods). Why is it that two people can have two completely different concepts/ experiences with the same god. Example: Brigit: the sacred mother, and Brigit: poet’s muse. What if some one added a death aspect to her. does this corrupt the original source file? Or is this merely the way your computer interprets the data?

    Oh idea can you make an open source servitor?
    the servitor can be copied by others and any fiddling with the code they do can be sent to you to see if you want to add it to the main code.

    This is why I love the show so many ideas ^.^


    PS Which ritual is the one that helps with general malaise (at the world) and depression.

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