Episode 129: Crucible Panel 2014: The Role of Religion in Magic

Oct 21, 2014 1 Comment by

Listen Live Oct. 21, 2014 8pm EST www.para-x.com

Direct from Crucible 2014:

The Role of Religion in Magic: a panel discussion featuring multiple talented Occultists from Crucible 2014! http://www.crucibleconvention.com/
Featured panelists Jason Miller, Arthur Moyer, Maggi Setti, Andrei Freeman, Shawn Knight, and Alex: moderated by Jason M. Colwell!

So join us for a an hour of shared experience from the front lines “The Role of Religion in Magic” taped live at Crucible 2014 this week on Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole.


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  1. manny says:

    Hi Jason – still no download link for this episode, although almost 3 weeks since originally posted, and the next podcast already released (also currently without a link btw!).

    Hope it’s soon to be linked, would love to hear these!

    Cheers, manny

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