Episode 135: Convocation Panel 2016 Magicians Talking Real Life Magic

Feb 23, 2016 3 Comments by

On the air Tues. Feb. 23, 2016 onĀ Para-X-Radio

Things get candid and real at Convocation 2016 as Jason interviews a select group of real practicing magicians from different traditions and beliefs. Our special guests were selected because we know they do the magic and incorporate it into their daily lives. We thank Zac Lui: Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Tia Gypsy: Eclectic Pagan Magician, Lucille Rose: Solitary Witch and Reiki Master, Mistress Belladonna: Black Moon Grove Tradition, Corvis Nocturnum: Rev. of Laveyan Satanism, and of course Andrieh Vitimus: Chaos Magician and Voudou Priest.

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  1. Iyanda El says:

    LOL A great share time, but wtf with the constant ‘hollow thumping’ sound and the nose blowing lol …. Well done guys .. Keep up the great work!

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