Episode 173: Andrieh Vitimus And James Stovall On Honest Metaphysics

May 16, 2017 1 Comment by

Live Tue. May 16th, 2017 8pm EST on Para-X-Radio.com

Andrieh Vitimus and James Stovall sit down an  have an honest conversation about the real life struggles of having a magical life. Real  men, who deal  with real phenomena, outside of mainstream culture, sit down for a heart to heart conversation.  Anyone who balances with Alternative Spirituality with the  life of mostly average  American family living  and career,  should appreciate this what  these gentlemen have to say.

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One Response to “Episode 173: Andrieh Vitimus And James Stovall On Honest Metaphysics”

  1. Edward Weiss says:

    I’ve had some luck describing the different dimensions theory in this way:

    The gist of it is this – imagine you are a 2D shape. Imagine you are a rectangle for example – and your “eyes” are at one side of your body. Every time you see a a circle, you will see it as a line on the horizon. Every time you see a square, you will see it as a line on the horizon. Every time you see a triangle you will see it as a line on the horizon. etc etc….

    Even if your perceptive mechanism could perceive light and dark, it would still just appear as a darkened or lightened line on the horizon, perhaps dark on some parts and light on others for depth perception.

    However, if you are a 3d object looking down at these shapes – you can see the difference between them, and the TRUTH of the shape’s identities – which is that they are in fact a sphere, a pyramid, and a cube. By looking from 3D – your perceptive mechanisms allow you to see the 2D truth.

    What if we wanted to see the 3D truth? … we’d have to be in 4D!

    Let’s say TIME is this 4th dimension. Well, as humans this is where we most likely spend most of our conscious time, so this should be easy. Looking from 4d – we can see the 3d truth – that these shapes are a basketball bouncing, a 4 sided die dropping, and a rubics cube sitting on a table. We can also watch these things change in TIME with US – because we both have a 4D reality.

    You can see how we might keep extrapolating outward. Perhaps the 5th dimension then , is a more Consciousness oriented place, from which we might view the truth of the 4th dimension, that time is a human construct that is really an illusion, and that all events occur at once.

    So to get to the point I was trying to make – a lot of peoples experiences with spirits/ shadow beings/ ghosts/ demons, what have you – are just by-products of other dimensional things being projected on the screen of our 4D reality.
    It’s almost like a projector is on in dimension 8C and the image just happens to reach all the way here – but we have such a limited understanding of multi-dimensional reality that we can’t really make sense of it.

    To bring it around – in this example – we would be the one of the 2d shapes, and the shadow would be the equivalent of a line on the horizon.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for the work you do.

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