Co-Creating with Us

Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole is a different kind of internet, metaphysics and paranormal show.   We are looking for people to be on our show and collaborate with us.  Generally speaking we are looking for the best, co-creators who have an understanding of media, business, metaphysics.  We will strive at every stage to bring the best guests on to the show, for the greatest audience benefit and greatest potential profit for all involved.  We also for the most part want to engage in a different and smarter share the wealth program between presenters, the show, and in fact even the tangible improvement in the audience by getting exposed to various other points of view.

To facilitate that, we require each potential co-creator to help us by providing the following things.

  • Sample’s of your latest book, training program, seminar if recorded, or other materials that we evaluate ( ensuring the best possible audience experience).
  • That you have some sort of affiliate program set up ( which we can help you set up ) where we can resell and profit share with you.  This helps us keep the radio up and fits within our profit sharing model.
  • A short bio along with your published works.
  • Examples of how the philosophy, set of techniques, or how your experience can help other people hearing your story.

For right now, we can only accept digital copies to, although we will have a PO box soon.

We will gladly accept applications from the following different areas of interest.  These are certainly only suggestions, all applications will be considered.  We consider there to be a strong link between the social sciences and esoteric sciences.

  • Persuasion and Cognitive Science including but not limited to Hypnosis, NLP, other applied psychology, Memetic, Neurology, Sales Techniques etc.
  • Practical open minded business ideas for small entrepreneurs, practical business approaches that incorporate an understanding of the bigger picture and how owning your own business can be a method of self -grown.  ( we are more interested in entrepreneurial spirit and techniques then status quo Wall Street methodologies).
  • Self-Sustainability, food production techniques and more.
  • Occult techniques including Hoodoo, Vodou, Oche/IFA, Ceremonial Magic, Applied Buddhist Philosophies, Chaos Magic, Experimental Magic Grimoric Work, Applied Hinduism, Applied Paganism and Tantric Work, Gigong experts, Reiki and More.
  • Paranormal investigators that use innovative techniques or are interesting.
  • Metaphysical based techniques such as the law of attraction, new thought movement, positive thinking, psychic development and more.
  • Interesting personal stories of accomplishment linked to personal transformation.
  • Artists, storytellers, media experts and more

We are looking for the following things in a Co-Creators.

  1. To give real information to the listeners. We believe in making money, but our show is not merely a glorified infomercial.  We prefer harder hitting ideas and will in general favor ideas that have results orientated perspectives.
  2. Have a fun time, meaning to make the show fun. We will have fun with it, run with it.
  3. Co-Creators have a level of expertise to answer hard questions from the host and co-host.  In their own ways, the host and co-hosts are experts and will challenge and ask difficult questions for the benefit of the listeners.  Rest assured we will work hard to know your material hence the samples.
  4. Honesty and Integrity from co-Creators.   We want you to sell your goods and we want you to be successful.  To do that bring the stuff you know that works on to our show and what realistic expectations if people follow your system or idea are.
  5. A willingness to enter into an affiliate profit sharing model with us ( if possible) and a willingness to cross promote the hosts and the show.

Still interested?  Email, and Master Andrieh Vitimus will get back with you.


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