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The Expert Paranormal Investigator

Jason Michael Colwell

As with most pioneers; Those who choose to seriously research the paranormal, often seem to be following a deep inner calling.  Jason M. Colwell has actively studied occurrences beyond the range of normal experience for 16 years. Though his personal experience, not by willful choice, stretches back even farther. “Some folks go to great lengths to attempt to contact spirits. Randomly throughout my life, they seemingly have gone to great lengths to contact me.”

Jason founded Ohio Paranormal in 2003 as a reconstruction of Buckeye Paranormal which was birthed in 1998, preceded by several years of private study. These years proceeded the boom of paranormal researcher television shows that now air on a regular basis. “The beginning years were a symbiotic process. My comrades and I needed experience. We were green, but full of enthusiasm. All involved came from different backgrounds and personal encounters. Our beginning focus was solely gaining physical evidence from haunted locations. Our earliest clients gave us a similar assurance to what we gave them; You are not alone and yes, these occurrences can be objectively documented.”

These days, paranormal research groups are a dime a dozen; However, Jason entered into the field during a time when there were but a handful of publicly known groups in the entire United States. “I was doing a lot of Yahoo searches back then, trying to learn all that I could. I remember that here in Ohio, two research organizations had a web presence. T.A.P.S. was one of the few intranational, and even they were in a humble beginning.”

Over the years Jason’s experiences have led to other pursuits. “Over the years, I have met met with several very competent Psychics, Mediums, and Intuitives. A couple of them were kind enough to share information that allowed me to try mental exercises that have rendered results for me. From there, I picked up energy work techniques and then moved on to study systems of effective Ritual Magic. I am not a “Wiccan” or a “Pagan”, In fact, I went into all of this from the perspective of a dogmatic Christian. I take a very non-dogmatic approach to things and would have to say that my research and practices have led to an agnostic spiritual view. I take a no nonsense approach to the techniques that I experiment with, then choose whether or not to put into active practice. Use what works, because there may not be an absolute truth. I am a successful electrician and construction worker by trade, so my base nature is pretty grounded in objective reality; However, my mind is open enough to push beyond the average consensus reality and explore into the Esoteric fields. I’m the average Joe with bonuses.”

Jason is actively developing his personal skill set as an advanced metaphysical student of the Quantum Life Science Institute, studying directly under Master Andrieh Vitimus. He is currently instructing beginner’s classes for the Institute in the Columbus Metropolitan Area of Ohio.


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