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Andrieh Vitimus first book, Hands On Chaos Magic, is an internationally acclaimed masterpiece of practical magic as well as a meaty tome on self-transformation.  He is the founder of the Quantum Life Science Institute, a multidisciplinary think tank dedicated to developing individuals and companies through training on the use of solid cognitive science, NLP, hypnotic marketing principles,  effective change management, self-transformation, metaphysical principles, persuasion, and other aspects integrating active and meaningful spirituality with results driven transformation.  Andrieh’s clients become successful.  Andrieh has recently decided to make the Quantum Life Science Institute public and carry the specialized life-coaching to the general public to begin the process of cultural transformation needed in our current difficult economic times.  Andrieh Vitimus is an intiated Houngan in Haitian Vodou, a certified hypnotist, a NLP practineer, a result obtaining metaphysican for over 16 years, and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.   In addition, Andrieh holds a formal degree in psychology and computer science.  Andrieh has the technical mindset, social and metaphysical skills, and drive to transform the lives and business of his students and client companies that hire him.

Andrieh’s bleeding edge metaphysics has left to the development of a unique system of being called Reality Artistry.  Advanced members of the Quantum Life Science Institute will soon be teaching beginning courses in areas across the country.


Andrieh as a hobby has had multiyear experience producing and hosting live radio shows as well as DJing hard hitting electronica at live venues.  The ability to combine a hobby and the goals of the Quantum Life Science Institute have a great start in Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.  In his down time, Andrieh writes private fiction, draws abstract art and enjoys Tai Chi/Martial Arts.


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