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Paradigm Shifting, Spirits, Chaos Magic, and Neuro-plasticity

Sunday September 20th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.   In the mass of chaos magic inspired books ( most modern occult books and practices are), paradigm-shifting is an absolute underrated skill that can lead to actual real success in life endeavors. The goal is to be able to derive underlying patterns across divergent…

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The Spiritual Floor Wash – A Time Tested, Hidden Magickal Tool

Sunday September 6th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast. Floor washes are a powerful tool. Various systems such as Conjure, Rootwork, Hoodoo folk magic and many other traditions utilize this type of magick. Why? In this episode, we’re going to discuss it and give a quick overview.  Join us on Zoom For Sponsors: Homemade…

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